Habeamus | Sola Scriptura
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Pen writing on lined paper

Sola Scriptura

As mentioned earlier we are aiming for a kickstarter campaign to fund our production costs. And what would a kickstarter campaign be without an awesome video? Exactly, not much. So we are in the process of writing a script.

Note of shame: Guess who managed to write a blog post over a month ago AND forgot to publish it. Yes, it was me. The good news is, there will be another blogpost shortly 🙂

It is astonishingly difficult to plan a video trailer for a board game. First there was the logistic challenge of finding all the actors and the equipment. Then, someone needed to write a script. We needed props, to build a mood. Finally, we had to find a location.

And as always we are ever so thankful for our network. Within the last 2 weeks…

  • we found an actual church, that allows us to film there.
  • we had 6 people agree to help us out as actors and helping hands on set
  • we can borrow clothing from a friendly LARP association. Big thanks to Engonien e.V.. Check them out for (German) mid-/high-fantasy, mid-power LARP conventions.


So everything is ready, right? Wait, someone still has to write the script …. and this is how I decided to procrastinate writing the script with writing this blogpost.