Habeamus | An epic relaunch
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An epic relaunch

Habeamus has gone a long way from the initial concept stage in October 2015 to the very polished prototype print run that you see all over this website. Perseverance certainly was our biggest challenge

It is written:

11 They had much more work than they could handle, 12 And for their ignorance or lack of wisdom, 13 They started creating the Game of money and cards. 14 And the people saw it as a stupid idea. 15 And they themselves saw it was a stupid idea. 16 And still, they did it. 17 And they were lead to success. 18 They stood before the people on a marketplace, 19 and they made millions of talents on this marketplace known as Kickstarter.

– Book of the Creators of Habeamus, Chapter 27, 11 – 19

All smirky comments aside, we thought about it more than once to just abandon the project, to save time, to save money, to save effort. But we never really could accept that, so we started meeting weekly in mid-2018 to go one baby step at a time.

And here we are. With a brand new website, with an extremely polished prototype print run and plans to start a kickstarter campaign for production costs in the 3rd quarter of 2019. If the chronicle above holds true, you will hold your copy of Habeamus in your hands before Easter 2020. Subscribe now to our Newsletter, so you are the first to learn about our Kickstarter campaign and catch the attractive early bird or one of the limited “your face in the game” tiers.

Back from subscribing? Then tell all your friends foes-to-be about Habeamus.

37 Together through force of will, 38 and a plethora of money they made it happen; 39 and behold, it was very good.

– Book of some Religion, Chapter 5, 37 – 39

Thank you so much for your support and stay tuned for updates (I told you about our Newsletter, right?)